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a blog with a whole load of tech tips & tricks and information I have found whilst searching the Internet and motoring related books all about repairs, servicing, modifications, maintenance and lots of other stuff about classic cars - in particular the MG MGB & GT. Including info of events, shows, clubs meetings and places to visit with your MGB or classic car. Also I have included posts with updates of what I am doing on my own MGB Roadster.

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Thoresby Park (Nottinghamshire) Classic Car Show 2019

The pages and posts on my blog are a collection of classic car information and articles as well as a running blog of jobs, mods and maintenance I have carried out on my own 1975 MGB Roadster.

I bought my MG at the end of 2017 and since then I have done a lot of small jobs under the bonnet and on the bodywork. I have also found time to remove the engine and gearbox to sort out a gear selector problem and at the same time to fix several oil leaks on the engine - all recorded on the blog with plenty of pictures.
Hopefully will help others with similar problems.

great british and italian sports cars
a great British Sports Car beside a beautiful Italian Sports Car

There are reviews of many of the accessories, shows and autojumbles that may be of interest to other owners of any classic car. Also pages about buying an MGB, where to find spares and replacement parts and the various clubs and forums available to MGB owners that are available on the Internet. I have also spent quite a lot of time finding out the car past by contacting previous owners .....see my car’s history

You are welcome to add your comments, whether you agree or disagree? any of the posts on the website or you can contact me directly at

So for information about all sorts of MGB stuff and classic cars visit my blog all about MGB tips and tricks

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classic car shows - the blog lists many various classic car shows and autojumbles across the UK - ideal places to network with people with similar interests, view their classic cars and find spare parts.

my classic car parts I am selling on eBay - I have collected many car parts over the years, mainly mini bits and now MGB bits and pieces.
See parts I have for sale at my spares on eBay

internet forums - there are many internet based forums listed on my blog that are free to join where you can share thoughts and problems with like minded people that will most likely have a solution

car clubs - many offering discounts on insurance and spares. They have local groups and social events that you can go along and meet people with similar classics.

technical - many posts are of a technical nature based on articles I have found on the internet and those posts based on my own projects and repairs on my own classic car. See pictures in the gallery as an example

see my other blog at my motorhome mods online

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